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WLC Cohort: Twenty Phrases Only a CfUTer Can Finish Answer Key

Make sure to check out WLC Cohort: Twenty Phrases Only a CfUTer Can Finish before looking at the answers!

1. KWLMs: Kids We love the most
2. Identify, prepare, support.
3. You’re incredible… like the HULK!
4. Specific, concrete, sequential, observable.
5. No one wants to help mama do the dishes.
6. Data-driven instruction.
7. We’re travelin’ to college, how ‘bout you?
8. Briiing it back: waaaaay back!
9. … Moshpit?… Yeah…. Moshpit!!!
10. Walk with purpose!

11. Way to be a risk-taker!
12. When I say flip, you say page!
13. Anonymous group correction.
14. Precise praise.
15. Rock what you got!
16. Uno, dos, tres… Olé, olé, olé!
17. G-O-O-D, M-O-R-N-I-N-G good morning… good morning!
18. Beliefs consistently guide behavior.
19. No excuses, whatever it takes.
20. Unconditional love.

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