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2023 Summer School Classroom Director Job Description

Position Summary:

The classroom director’s primary role is to observe in a designated classroom at one of the Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) summer school sites for four weeks of summer school.

Reports to: Designated CfUT Director & on site CfUT summer school leadership team communicates with: CfUT Directors, Summer School Staff, Summer School Leadership Team Compensation: $1,200 by August 15th, 2023

Work Schedule: This is a four-week position beginning Thursday, July 6th and ending Wednesday, August 2nd. Classroom directors must be on site from 8:00am to 1:45pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 8:00am to 1:00pm on Wednesdays.

Duties Include: Supervision of students to ensure their safety and well-being, modeling of appropriate behavior—with dignity, courtesy, and consideration.

Candidate Profile and Experiences Prerequisites:

  • Successful completion of background check
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Submission of diploma before contract is sent 
  • Commitment to helping close the achievement gap
  • Investment in supporting the preparation of the next generation of high-performing urban teachers
  • Alignment with CfUT’s core values: Christ- centered, relational, joyful, courageous, intentional, and dedicated to high-performance

Job Responsibilities:

  • Accompany the designated students and CfUT teachers to all classes, activities, and field trips.
  • Serve as a communication liaison between teachers and leadership.
  • If any issues arise, first communicate with the CfUT teacher.  If the issue is not resolved, contact the CfUT leadership team.
  • Provide or help locate educational resources for the CfUT teachers.
  • Support opportunities for the CfUT teacher to work with designated classroom students.

#1) I am trying to get my mind wrapped around this “Classroom Director” role…. in one or two sentences, what am I doing?

The Classroom Director will be an unobtrusive observer that oversees instruction and serves as the liaison between the summer school leadership and the summer school teachers.  Classroom Directors are responsible for helping respond to emergency situations, occasional odd jobs outside of the classroom to support the leader or teacher, and accompanying designated students and CfUT teachers to all classes, activities, and field trips.

Outside of these core duties, Classroom Directors may work on personal projects of their own choosing (i.e. unit or lesson planning for next year) that is separate from summer school activities. It is a paid position that allows you, the Classroom Director, to be in the room building/performing your own, self-created/directed, set of tasks and duties.

#2) What are some of the personal projects that Classroom Directors might be doing during the four week obligation?

Great question! That is up to you, so long as it takes place within or near the classroom. Some projects and activities that Classroom Directors worked on during summer school are as follows:

  – unit planning for upcoming year

  – policy & procedure writing for upcoming year

  – building future classroom reading library

  – reading books for personal/professional development

  – grad school work

#3) What should I NOT be doing as a Classroom Director?

We need our teaching candidates to feel the complete responsibility of being the lead teachers of the classroom. We want them to learn how to navigate through the difficult moments as well as the less-challenging times. With that being said, we would ask that you not interrupt the teacher in the classroom in any way that would take away their perceived power/authority in the classroom. This would include correcting students, coaching the teacher, and intervening in any way.

#4) What is the critical time period that I must be on campus as a Classroom Director?

Thursday, July 6th – Wednesday, August 2nd  

8:00 AM until 1:45 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM on Wednesdays. If you cannot be present one day, it is your responsibility to find a degreed person to cover for you, let your leadership team know the coverage plan and dates, and work out payment with the other person. 

#5) What should I do if I have a concern about the summer school teacher or classroom?

Speak with the summer school leadership team.

# 6) What should I wear? 

Professional dress is required unless communicated otherwise on specific casual days by the host site school. Our scholars, teachers, and leaders are asked to be dressed professionally, so our classroom directors are asked to be dressed professionally as well. This means dress pants, a dress shirt (no sleeveless) and dress shoes. 

Other Important Notes: 

  1. The name tag you received or will receive, please keep this and wear it for the first two weeks of summer school so your leaders are aware of who you are. 
  2. You will not be placed in a grade/class you currently serve, have served, or will serve. We want our teachers to get the most experience running his/her own classroom. When kids know and recognize you it often takes power/authority away from the summer school teacher. 
  • May 26th: Application Deadline
  • June 6th: Training and Onboarding (5:30-6:30pm) 
  • July 6th: 1st day of Summer School (report to your site)
  • August 2nd: Last Day of Summer School