CfUT Alumni: Relationships Built on Brain Freezes, Kung Fu Pandas, and a Whole Lot of Jesus

By Kelsi Daffner, WLC Alumna, CfUT Alumna

Relationships are everything. Our relationship with God is first and foremost. After that, God tells us to encourage one another and build each other up, clothe ourselves in Christ’s love so that others may see who we truly are. As a 4th grade Oregon Duck, my students might say that to build relationships you need a few key ingredients; brain freezes, Kung Fu Pandas, ice skating, and a whole lot of Jesus.

Brain Freezes: Most people would say brain freezes are no fun, but we would beg to differ. The Oregon Ducks use a prop called the “Brain Freeze” when an answer was super cool. One way that we work to build relationships within the classroom is through build ups. Students give one another build ups, teachers give students build ups, administrators give students build ups… Everyone, no matter how young or old, loves to be encouraged.

Kung Fu Pandas: I don’t really know much about Kung Fu Panda but apparently if you call a student a Kung Fu Panda, they take it as a compliment. Also, most people wouldn’t think being called a “crispy chicken nugget” is a major compliment, but my students would also beg to differ. Another way that we work to build relationships is through our inside jokes. All of the silly nicknames, wacky phrases, and giant smiles are special ways to show we care. The scholars especially love to have secret inside jokes that other people get confused about. It is a special bond we share as a team and family and they love it!

Ice Skating: Relationships can also be built through spending quality time getting to know one another. This year I have been blessed with the opportunity to take scholars to church, go ice skating, go grocery shopping and host after school tutoring. Spending time with a few scholars at a time allows for some crazy awesome conversations and shows scholars that they are more than just a student in the classroom; they are genuinely someone I consider a part of my family!

Whole Lot of Jesus: Teaching at a Christian school is absolutely the greatest. We spend our day together and we pray together. We have been through a lot of ups and downs this school year as a team and family. To be able to have really deep, meaningful conversations founded on Jesus has been and continues to be life-changing. God is working to bring us closer together as brothers and sisters in Christ but ultimately closer to Him as we run this race in life. Soli Deo Gloria!