Newsflash: Cohort Updates!

Brought to you by our CfUT Cohort Leadership Teams

WLC Cohort: 20 Phrases Only a CfUTer Can Finish
By Nicole Stahmann, Senior

See if you can get them all! Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. KWLMs: Kids We…

2. Identify, prepare, __________.

3. You’re incredible…

4. Specific, concrete, sequential, _______.

5. No one wants to help mama…

6. ____-driven instruction.

7. We’re travelin’ to ___, how ‘bout you?

8. Briiing it back:…

9. … Moshpit?…

10. Walk with _______!

11. Way to be a risk-_______!

12. When I say flip, you say…

13. Anonymous group _______.

14. Precise _______.

15. Rock what you ____!

16. Uno, dos, tres…

17. G-O- O-D…

18. Beliefs consistently guide __________.

19. No excuses, whatever it ________.

20. Unconditional ______.

MLC Cohort: What About the Urban Ministry?

By: Anna Scarfo, Freshman

The Urban Ministry Leadership Team at Martin Luther College (MLC) has put together many fun and successful events throughout the 2015-2016 school year. Some of our most successful events have included: Embracing Excellence’s featuring teachers from Milwaukee, cookouts and bonfires to foster networking, and even an informative summer school panel featuring veteran CfUT summer school teacher rock stars. However, the MLC cohort is most excited about their up and coming promotional video about urban education through the eyes of CfUTers. The goal of this video is to help people see the unique joys and challenges of urban education. Above all, the team seeks to be transparent about the challenges urban education presents, but to portray how teachers choose to serve out of love for God’s mission. The makers of the video hope that it will inspire dedicated educators to take action on the mission set before them.

Look for the promotional video coming to you this fall!

Marquette Cohort: Marquette Embraces Excellence

By: Anna Concannon, Program Graduate

In November 2015, the Center for Urban Teaching- Marquette cohort hosted our most successful event of the year: Embracing Excellence. We asked Alexis Holbach, CfUT and Marquette alumna, to share with undergraduates what all pre-service teachers are wondering: “What is life as a first year teacher really like?” She shared the techniques that made her first year successful. Those include high expectations, instructional integrity, relationship building, and teaching lessons on character. Although the first year teaching is difficult for everybody, being trained and coached by the Center made Alexis feel supported and prepared.

She left the audience with the message: “Do for one what you can’t do for all.” She was breaking through to the philosophy that going above and beyond for at least one student makes the world of a difference for that student.

As a CfUT program graduate myself, I could not be more excited to begin my career as a teacher. Hearing from successful teachers makes me look forward to the day when I have the opportunity to share my stories in the classroom with aspiring teachers.

UW-Whitewater Cohort: God Moving at UNITE 2016

By: Anthony Hall, Senior

This year, I drove down to Milwaukee for the UNITE Conference with two friends, the same two friends as last year. In the car, we shared laughs, awkward moments, and incredible happiness that God provided for the UWW SOfUT club by allowing them to go to the conference for free. When the conference began, we heard Henry Tyson give a devotion about changing the city through desperation for God and willingness to serve in the city’s Christian schools. We can follow the examples set before us, such as William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, two men who recognized injustice in the world and were willing to do anything to see that changed; even if it included immense pain in the process. You could visibly see the inspiration on the audience’s faces fostered by Henry’s passion and zeal for God. After Henry’s devotion, we saw God work through the undergraduates at the conference. I could tell that the future teachers were encouraged, empowered, and ready to be like the men and women in Acts 17:6 who “turned the world upside down.” It’s ironic that this love, happiness, and dedication happened on the day before Valentine’s Day. Coincidence or divine intervention?

CfUT Pioneers: Becoming BLC Cohort

By: Abby Wegner

Bethany Lutheran College is one of our Pioneers that has quickly turned into its own cohort due to the dedication of a few core members. Congratulations, BLC!

Understanding Urban Through CfUT

1. What motivated you to come to the UNITE Conference?

Dr. Ray Dusseau came to one of my education classes and talked to my peers and me about The Center for Urban Teaching. He spoke so passionately about the children and the workers in the program. I’ve been very interested in urban education but, being in Mankato, I didn’t know how to go about being a part of it. After hearing Dr. Dusseau speak, I knew that CfUT could offer me an incredible experience that I had to take advantage of.

2. What was your very first impression of CfUT?

My first impression of CfUT was at UNITE, which is an empowering weekend that unites undergraduates from around the country by immersing them in the mission of the Center for Urban Teaching. Every member leading the conference was full of energy driven by enthusiasm for CfUT’s mission. At first it was overwhelming, but the energy was so infectious that soon every “timid” participant was just as enthusiastic as the leaders. The leaders were also informative about strategies we could implement in our future classrooms. This showed me that they wanted to ensure all future teachers are successful by giving them the tools to be just that.

3. What was your biggest take-away from the Conference?

My biggest take away from the conference was to love children for who they are and to help them thrive. There are going to be days in the teaching profession that seem impossible. However, everything that we as teachers do is to ensure student success and help them earn a better future. I learned that the key ingredient to helping student’s achieve is LOVE through a POSITIVE relationship.

4. What from CfUT did you want to take back to Bethany?

As a result of UNITE, I was inspired to start a cohort at Bethany Lutheran College. I wanted to bottle up as much as I could from UNITE and share it with my fellow classmates. My enthusiasm for the program as led me to share CfUT’s mission with my peers, in addition to the opportunities they could gain from it. I want my peers to graduate with as much experience and resources as they can, so that they are equipped to foster student success.

If you want your campus to have its own CfUT cohort, we can help you start your club! Contact today!