Cassie Weis

Cassie Weis received coaching through CfUT beginning in 2008, while serving as the fourth-grade teacher at Granville Lutheran School. Cassie participated in several CfUT conferences and received further training through Expanding the Circle monthly professional development. She has served for three summers, as a principal in the CfUT summer school program. Cassie joined the CfUT team full time in March 2017 to serve as a teacher coach. Cassie now serves as a part-time teacher coach for CfUT while living and teaching aboard in Spain.

Cassie received her B.A. in Education, Language Arts and Science from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. As an undergraduate, she served as a teaching assistant at Granville Lutheran School (LUMIN). Upon graduating she served as the 4th grade teacher and Elementary Lead teacher at Granville Lutheran for three years. In 2015, Cassie was a part of the founding team for HOPE Christian School Via in Racine, with Castenzio Venegas. She served as the founding 3rd grade teacher and in-house teacher coach. In 2015, Cassie also began her Master’s program at Wisconsin Lutheran College to obtain her M.A. in Leadership and Innovation and principals licensure. Cassie is extremely passionate about making change in education. When she’s not teaching she enjoys being outdoors, traveling and spending time with friends, family and her puppy Lucca.