CfUT Summer Leadership Development Program

The CfUT Summer School Program allows aspiring and practicing leaders to experience the essential elements of effective school leadership firsthand. Qualifying candidates will have the opportunity to train, lead, and oversee staff development, instruction, culture, and operations of a summer school site for six weeks: two weeks of training and four weeks of summer

*Starting compensation is $3,500 or candidates may qualify for a full-ride scholarship through CfUT for a Masters Degree in Leadership and Innovation and principal licensure in partnership with Wisconsin Lutheran College. CfUT & WLC Master’s in Leadership & Innovation school.

Summer Leadership Nomination Form

Leadership Program Overview

Dates & Details

Highlights of the Summer Leadership Development Program:

  • CfUT has provided more than $600,000 in scholarships to emerging school leaders.

  • Network with a group of like-minded peers and get connected to school leadership opportunities. 

  • Put theory to practice while influencing the next generation of teachers. 

  • Have immediate on student academic achievement during the summer. 

Participating in the CfUT and Character Formation Project lessons, devotions, and book talks helped me reflect and grow in the specific virtues of self-sacrifice, trust, empathy, persistence, and stewardship. This combined with the summer school leadership experience resulted in the opportunity for me to work intentionally to improve on these virtues.

The summer school program has helped enhance a number of character traits and confirmed the importance of having great character to be a great leader.