What We Believe

Identify. Prepare. Support.
High-Performing Urban Teachers, Leaders, and Schools

The Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) is an independent, Christian non-profit organization that identifies, prepares, and supports high-performing urban teachers and leaders for choice, charter, and public schools.

Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) leadership, staff, board and supporters believe there is nothing more important for the future of our city, state, and nation than our children’s educational success.

Every Single Teacher. Every Single Leader.
Holds Our Children’s Future in Their Hands

We believe the commitment of individual teachers and leaders will transform our schools, our cities, our state, and our country. Teacher quality is the number one determining factor in student achievement. Exceptional school leaders set a vision that empowers and retains top teaching talent. The teachers, leaders, and schools that have the greatest impact are those founded on respect, high expectations, and unconditional love.

We believe every single teacher and every single school leader holds our children’s future in their hands.

We help shape that future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number one producer and provider of high-performing teachers and leaders for urban schools that are better prepared, better retained, and better positioned to have an increased impact on student achievement. In alignment with our vision, we are piloting expansion to other WI regions including Racine and Madison while working to reach a goal of 11% representation in the teacher and leader Milwaukee workforce. We believe that this will serve as a tipping point, providing proof of what is possible and creating a stronghold in our city. In order to achieve our goal of 11%, we are going to acquire approximately 1% of the MKE teacher & leader workforce annually while beginning to expand to new target regions in WI.