The Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) is a Christian non-profit that seeks to identify, prepare, and support high-performing urban teachers and leaders. For further information regarding our program, please visit our website at or email us at [email protected].

Students from {School Name} entering {Grades} grade.

Students must be enrolled for the 2020-2021 academic year and commit to attend 15 or more days. 

Students who miss more than 4 days of summer school will not be allowed to continue in the program.

The four-week summer school program at {School Name} will include:

    • Uplifting assembly with Christian-based character building lessons, songs, and prayer each day
    • Hands-on learning focused on literacy and mathematics with CfUT instructors
    • Enrichment opportunities including creative arts, social studies, science, and physical education

There is no cost to attend this summer school program. However, students are required to be in uniform. The uniform t-shirt must be purchased through CfUT for $5.

Students are required to wear a uniform which consists of the summer school t-shirt and regular uniform bottoms (pants, skirts, etc.), shoes, and socks. The summer school uniform t-shirt must be purchased through CfUT for $5. This is a non-refundable cost that must be submitted when the application is turned in. 

Transportation will not be provided for this program.

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