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Expanding The Circle

“We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.” –Sonia Johnson

Is there a small group of determined people that can change the course of history in Milwaukee? The task of changing history seems overwhelming, but a group of teachers is working towards this goal. This cluster of teachers is known as Expanding the Circle because they are increasing their circle of influence by focusing on what they can do to change the mistakes of the past.

The first logical question that arises is: Who are the teachers that are working to make these changes and close the achievement gap? The dedicated and passionate teachers are first and second year teachers who teach in the central city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The teachers, who teach at various grade levels, work at choice and charter schools located throughout the city.

Now that it has been established who the devoted people are that are closing the achievement gap, the next question that surfaces is: What is Expanding the Circle? Expanding the Circle is mentoring, classes, and networking for teachers who want to improve their craft of teaching. In essence, they want to move from being a good teacher to being a great teacher.

Teachers are very busy with grading papers, creating dynamic lesson, collaborating with others, attending meetings, and developing relationships with students and parents. Why would a person want to participate in Expanding the Circle? Teachers join Expanding the Circle because they believe that they can make a difference in the lives of the children in the inner city of Milwaukee. They realize that the achievement gap is a very relevant problem and that by closing it the children of Milwaukee will have a brighter future.

CfUT Expanding The Circle

The Center for Urban Teaching is committed to supporting teachers and leaders in creating environments grounded in unconditional love, while setting and maintaining high behavioral and academic expectations. A critical lever in establishing powerful practices for classroom success is intentional training and development with others in the field. Expanding the Circle provides an opportunity for teachers from around the city to come together for collaboration, training, perfect practice, and support in gaining the tools necessary to create positive classroom culture and climate, characterized by high academic expectations. Expanding the Circle is divided into four tracks designed to support teachers in their first two to three years in the classroom as they develop from developing teachers to emerging leaders:

Building a positive classroom culture with unconditional love and high expectations is possible with CfUT’s “Expanding the Circle” teacher and emerging leader training series. Throughout these sessions, you are encouraged by a like-minded cohort of peers and equipped with proven tools to drive better student learning.