Explore the Urban Choice If You Want to Teach Like a Champion

Author Jim Collins challenges teachers to move from good to great. With the massive failure of urban schools, the need for excellent teachers is even greater than before. Every child possesses God-given talent and needs a teacher prepared to unlock those gifts. Many teachers come from middle-class families and are unfamiliar with the life of the urban poor. Experience is the best teacher and the Center for Urban Teaching exists to help undergraduates explore serving where the need is the greatest. Think about the challenge. Embrace the opportunity.

Beginning Teacher Cohort Support for 1st and 2nd year urban educators.

Tier 4:To help meet the needs of our beginning teachers we have expanded our services by adding a Tier 4 to our program. In this tier, we provide assistance to beginning teachers through instructional mentoring and Expanding the Circle. While the focus is primarily on Center alumni, our urban partner schools have the privilege of requesting these services for a struggling beginning teacher from outside the Center’s program.

Urban Teaching and Leadership Conference: In order to facilitate a Milwaukee network of high-performing urban schools and educators, the Center hosted the Urban Teaching and Leadership Conference to offer support and collaboration.