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What kind of training do CfUT Summer School Interns get?2024-05-31T16:06:20-05:00

Our intensive six-week program kicks off with an unforgettable overnight retreat in the picturesque setting of Green Lake, Wis. This retreat marks the beginning of a two-week bootcamp-style training program that focuses on three important elements: building positive school culture, implementing high-performance instructional strategies, and cultivating character.

During the next four weeks you will lead your own classroom during summer school. Most classrooms use a co-teaching model. Teaching Interns receive feedback daily, allowing you to make continuous improvements. You also have a weekly observation followed by a sit-down debrief to discuss your progress and areas for development. In addition, all teachers come back together once a week for professional development.

What do interns learn during the program?2024-05-31T16:05:49-05:00

CfUT leaders, coaches, and our undergraduate teachers develop a school from the ground up. School teams outline policies and procedures, establish guidelines for school culture, create lesson plans, and learn about the spiritual component of unconditional love, which is the key to driving strong teacher-student relationships that have a lasting impact.

How do I apply?2024-05-31T16:02:26-05:00

To apply for a Center for Urban Teaching Summer School teacher position, click here.

How do I learn more?2024-05-31T16:02:42-05:00

To talk with someone at the Center for Urban Teaching, call 414.433.9180 or contact us.

Can this count for credit?2024-05-31T16:03:30-05:00

Several partner colleges and universities are adding the CfUT Summer School Program to their urban education minor or other programs. Contact us for more information.

Does CfUT supply transportation?2024-05-31T16:03:43-05:00

No, but, in most cases, it’s easy to carpool with someone going to the same Summer School site.

What are the eligibility requirements?2024-05-31T16:03:57-05:00

Applicants should be 18 years or older and aligned with CfUT’s core values. An education major is not required, and no prior teaching experience is necessary. Participants must be enrolled at a college or university or have earned a bachelor’s degree. All interns must participate in a CfUT tour to be accepted into the program.

Is this a paid position?2024-05-31T16:05:01-05:00

Yes! The base pay is a stipend of $3,000, and participants can earn up to $4,000 upon completion of the program. Alternatively, your compensation can be received as a scholarship paid directly to your university from CfUT.

If I’m not from Milwaukee, where do I stay?2024-05-31T16:05:14-05:00

CfUT has a contract with Alverno College to use its dormitories. You may choose to use a portion of your stipend to pay for this option. Alternatively, teachers who know people in the Milwaukee area sometimes choose to make housing arrangements with friends and family members.

How many schools partner with CfUT for Summer School programming?2024-05-31T16:05:29-05:00

CfUT runs summer school programs for 19 schools. We like to say, “Our schools give us the keys and the kids.”

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