Kristen Moldenhauer

Kristen Moldenhauer is a graduate of University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, where she received her BS in Recreation Management. Her years at La Crosse offered her many opportunities to get involved with nonprofit organizations, which sparked her to pursue a career that had passion and meaning behind it. Kristen spent 4 summers as a camp counselor and specialty camp facilitator, and has been closely involved in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program since 2010.

Kristen joined the CfUT team as an office manager and administrative assistant in 2017, to fulfill her dream of working for a company that is making a difference. Prior to joining CfUT, Kristen worked in a few different capacities that allowed her to explore her strengths and gain knowledge in areas that fit CfUT’s needs. When not working, Kristen loves finding new adventures to embark on, running, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.