Master’s Program Overview

Earn your Master’s degree and principal’s license while gaining valuable leadership experience! This unique partnership between CfUT and WLC allows educators to earn their master’s degree in a blended format. Graduates of the program may earn Wisconsin licensure as a Principal (51) or Program Coordinator (64), and are successfully prepared to make a positive impact as an educational leader!


We build a strong sense of team and family through a cohort model and face-to-face courses. Face-to-face courses include eight weekly sessions on Tuesdays from 5-9pm and are facilitated by a CfUT team member, alumni, or partner and include guest speakers from the field.


We offer flexibility through online courses. Courses alternate between face-to-face and online.


Where participants put theory to practice by assuming the role of principal during a six-week summer school program. We incorporate authentic opportunities for leadership through a practicum experience where participants put theory to practice by assuming the role of principal during a six-week summer school program.

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Typical Candidate Profile

  • A minimum of 2-3 years of teaching experience, preferably in an urban classroom

  • Demonstrated success as a teacher

  • Viewed as a Christian leader among their peers

  • Uses data to identify and implement the right next steps

  • Connects and builds deep, trusting one-on-one relationships

  • Gains “buy-in” from others, even those who are initially skeptical

  • Makes smart choices about which things to prioritize

  • Strives to constantly improve at whatever they do

  • Thrives under pressure

  • Sets and achieves big goals

  • Takes initiative and is a self-starter

  • Stays focused on the positive

  • Passion to explore and/or aspiration to become a school leader in Milwaukee

  • Belief that the teacher is the number one determining factor in student achievement

  • Alignment with and personal investment in the Center’s mission, vision, and values

CfUT Selection Process

The initial application/screening process is conducted through CfUT to find individuals that would be a good fit and strong additions to the program and the summer school leadership staff.

Candidates must be nominated by a CfUT school leader, teacher, coach, or partner.

Candidates are interviewed by a CfUT team member using questions designed to assess their alignment with the selection criteria.

Candidates are observed in their current role for evidence of the selection criteria by a CfUT team member.

Master’s Program Costs

CfUT is pleased to offer this program tuition free to qualifying candidates. The value of this program is estimated at approximately $68,000. Participants must cover the cost of books and other licensure materials. Note: If a participant drops out of the program before completion, tuition must be paid back in full to CfUT.

Tentative Progression of Courses

The following chart shows the current progression plan for a learner in the Leadership and Innovation Master’s Degree Program with Principal Licensure:

Summer Yr 1:

  • Prerequisite #1 (March – July) Part 1 – Summer School Training and Leadership with CfUT
  • Prerequisite #2 (August) Residency I Orientation to Program

Fall Yr 1:

  • Session #1 (August – October) EDU 601* Education as a Change Agent in a Diverse Society
  • Session #2 (October – December) EDU 621 Curriculum Design and Technological Integration

Spring Yr 1

  • Session #1 (January – March) EDU 622* Best Practices in High Performance Instructional Methodologies
  • Session #2 (March – May) EDU 689 Law and Ethics in Education Reform

Summer Yr 2

  • Session #1 of 2 (March – July) EDU 691* Practicum: Administration in a Reform Setting (Part 2 – Summer School with CfUT)
  • Residency 2 (August) Summer School Debrief/ Topic Selection for Capstone

Fall Yr 2

  • Session #1 (August – October) EDU 681* Leadership, Change, and Collaboration
  • Session #2 (October – December) EDU 682 Law and Ethics in Education Reform

Spring Yr 2

  • Session #1 (January – March) EDU 623* Coaching, Mentorship, and Instructional Leadership
  • Session #2 (March – May) EDU 610 Advanced Educational Psychology

Summer Yr 3

  • Session #2 of 2  (March – July) EDU 691* Practicum: Administration in a Reform Setting (Part 3 – Summer School with CfUT)
  • Residency 3 (August) Summer School Debrief/Update on Capstone Project

Fall Yr 3

  • Session #1 (August – October) EDU 684* Entrepreneurship in Education
  • Session #2(October – December) EDU 692 Education Research Design

Spring Yr 3

  • Session 1&2  (January – May) EDU 693 Capstone Project
  • Graduation (May)

*Face to Face Courses

The CfUT Leadership Development Program gave me real life experience and set me up for success with training and followed through with support.