Purpose, Vision, and Core Values

Our Purpose | To identify, prepare, and support high performing urban teachers.

Our Vision | To be the number one producer and provider of high-performing urban teachers.

Our Core Values

1. We are spiritually focused. We believe that beliefs consistently guide behaviors and that in order to be a high performing teacher you must acknowledge a purpose greater than the self that allows you to unconditionally love your students.

2. We are respectful. We believe that respect is the foundation of all meaningful relationships and that respect builds trust.

3. We are courageous. We believe that without struggle there can be no progress. As a result, we embrace risk and face adversity with a reflective, optimistic, and innovative attitude.

4. We are perseverant. We believe that the educational crisis facing our nation’s urban students can and must be solved; therefore, we operate with a no excuses, do whatever it takes mentality.

5. We are dedicated to high-performance. We believe that teacher quality is the single most important factor in student achievement and that every child has the right to a world-class teacher.