Shayla Burris

Shayla Burris started CfUT in 2014 as a participant of their summer school program. She served as a first-grade teacher at Sherman Park Lutheran. She gained training on classroom management, procedures/routines, and lesson planning. The biggest takeaway received was consistency guides behavior with all that one does. Her exposure to the Center compelled her to be an active participant throughout the school year. She facilitated in multiple professional developments and would later participate in the summer school leadership program. Her servant leadership resulted in her being the Principal at Mount Lebanon Lutheran School during the summer months of 2016. The following summer, she was a leader at Northwest Lutheran School. Through resilience, passion, and consistency Shayla has committed herself to working to close the achievement gap. By showing good character and dedication, she joined the CfUT team and family in 2017.

Prior to joining the CfUT staff, Shayla worked as an educator In Milwaukee for eight years. Shayla served as a Kindergarten teacher at St. Marcus Lutheran School in Milwaukee for five years. And because of her strong relationships and classroom management, she was called to be the Dean of Student at St. Marcus Lutheran School-The North Campus in 2016. She is currently receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Leadership. After graduating at the end of December 2017, she hopes to receive her Master’s in Education soon after. Her motto is, “Everyone is capable” and Shayla aims to teach others about character, grace, love, and Jesus by having a growth mindset.