Quotes about the Center’s impact from our Directors

“Teachers go where they are needed and where they can make a difference. This is the time to consider what talents God has given you and where they would be best served.”
Dr. Ray Dusseau, Founding Director

“During the Center for Urban Teaching’s New York Urban Immersion Trip, I learned that a child does not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
Krysta DeBoer, CfUT Alumni 2006 & Executive Director

Quotes about the Center’s impact from our Urban Partners

“There is no doubt that the retention of teachers in urban areas is higher through the Center’s work. Teaching in urban areas is extremely challenging. Many first and second year teachers regularly evaluate if it is for them. However when they see success and have “experts” outside of the school to support them they often stick through it.”
Shaun Luehring, Principal of Atonement Lutheran School

“I continue to be amazed at the level of teacher the Center produces. There is no other organization that has had this great an effect on the output of teachers in urban settings.”
Shaun, Luehring, Principal of Atonement Lutheran School

“They (the Center for Urban Teaching) are one of the most important parts of our school development. The Center has created teachers that truly are turning around our school. They love Expanding the Circle and go to everything provided by the Center. They (CfUT) are helping us build our culture.”
Shaun Luehring, Principal of Atonement Lutheran School

“Working with the Center is a tremendous advantage when identifying individuals for urban teaching – it personally saves me dozens, if not hundreds of hours in “finding” individuals who would be a good fit. The Center has access to graduating students that is impossible to obtain as a principal. This year we had three teachers come through the Center and they all have had a not-typical first year of teaching. Their classrooms compared to other non-Center teachers are well run, orderly, positive, and productive. We have a few first year teachers who are “non-Center” products and they require at least five times the support requiring more time and resources directed to their classrooms.”
Jon Boche, Principal of St. Marcus Lutheran School

“Anytime a teacher begins their career there is a learning curve, while the teacher is “learning on the job” students suffer. The CfUT shortens and intensifies the learning curve (or in some cases, eliminates it altogether) and ultimately provides a better teacher in a shorter amount of time and reduces the risk of losing teachers.”
Jon Boche, Principal of St. Marcus Lutheran School

“Our best teachers have come through CFUT and our newer teachers are as good as they are only because of what they’ve learned through CFUT.”
Henry Tyson, Superintendent of St. Marcus Lutheran School

“St. Marcus would be in a world of hurt if CFUT stopped doing what it’s doing. It’s brilliant and critical.”
Henry Tyson, Superintendent of St. Marcus Lutheran School

Quotes about the Center’s impact from our Alumni

“I am 100 times more prepared to teach due to the Center. The Center is the reason why I love and feel that urban education is my mission. They have given me the tools to be successful. They give me confidence through currently mentoring me and I know they will continue to mentor me throughout my career. I would not be the teacher I am if the Center was not available.”
Elise Gross, 9th-11th grade History & Government, HOPE High School

“The relationship built between my mentor and myself has led to honest discussions about strengths and weaknesses. She provides a type of formative feedback that I continually practice. Besides my students, there is no one who has seen me teach as much as she has. Her surprise visits keep the accountability high and the discussions honest.
As a first year teacher, I look forward to the constant feedback and mentoring I receive weekly from my mentor whom I have met at Starbucks at night and shared tears. She empathizes, strengthens, motivates, and pushes me to continually go from good to great which is helping my students. That is, after all, the real purpose here. Through CfUT I can provide an education for the young scholars in my classroom who deserve the best teachers.”
Hannah Hensel, 7th grade Reading & Language Arts, HOPE:Prima

“I would not be a successful teacher without CfUT.”
Abby Hintz, 7th grade Math, HOPE:Prima

“CfUT has helped me strive for success by giving me real, practical, and applicable training. Without the support I received, I don’t know if I would still be teaching.”
Jake Beilke, 5th grade All Subjects, Atonement Lutheran School