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CfUT Alumni: Relationships Built on Brain Freezes, Kung Fu Pandas, and a Whole Lot of Jesus

By Kelsi Daffner, WLC Alumna, CfUT Alumna

Relationships are everything. Our relationship with God is first and foremost. After that, God tells us to encourage one another and build each other […]

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Newsflash: Cohort Updates!

Brought to you by our CfUT Cohort Leadership Teams

WLC Cohort: 20 Phrases Only a CfUTer Can Finish
By Nicole Stahmann, Senior

See if you can get them all! Answers are at the bottom of the page.

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Teach Like a Champ

Teach Like a Champ vs. Teach Like a Chump: Exit Ticket

By Hannah Hensel, Director of Teacher Engagement

Key Idea:

End your lesson with a final At Bat, a question or a short sequence of problems to solve at the close of class. This will ensure that you […]

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