Building a positive classroom and school culture grounded in unconditional love and high behavioral and academic expectations is possible with CfUT’s Support Services. Here you are encouraged by a like-minded cohort of peers and equipped with proven tools to drive better student learning and expand your sphere of influence.

Whether you are looking for the opportunity to reset and redefine who you are as an urban educator or to improve your practice and expand your influence through teacher leadership, CfUT has a pathway for you!

Expanding the Circle provides an opportunity for teachers from around the city to come together for collaboration, training, practice, and support in gaining the tools necessary to create a positive classroom culture and climate characterized by high academic expectations. These sessions are divided into four groups: Starting Point, Next Steps, Building Momentum and Take the Lead.

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Build anchor and accelerate the impact of your leadership team through individualized coaching. $100 per hour

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Support your staff with professional development sessions catered to meet your staff’s needs. $500 per hour

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Attend the annual Urban Teaching and Leadership Conference to be inspired by the keynote speakers, gain new tools and strategies for immediate implementation from the informative sectionals, and network with other teachers and leaders from the city during our free breakfast and lunch.

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Summer Leadership Development Program

Summer Leadership Development Program:

Expand and enhance your leadership capacity with the opportunity to test drive school leadership through CfUT’s Summer School Program! The summer school program allows aspiring and practicing leaders to experience the essential elements of effective school leadership firsthand. Qualifying candidates will be have the opportunity to train, lead, and oversee staff development, instruction, culture, and operations of a summer school site for six weeks: two weeks of training and four weeks of summer school. Starting compensation is $3,000.

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Earn Your Master’s Degree and Principal Licensure

Earn Your Master’s Degree and Principal Licensure:

Nominees can qualify for a full-ride scholarship and receive graduate credit for summer school leadership through CfUT to enroll in WLC’s Master of Arts in Leadership and Innovation in lieu of the summer school stipend.

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